Investing in people and nature always brings benefits
Vice President
Legal Director
Michael Becker
João Milhomem
Mariana Calado
Institutional Relations Director
Ad Omnia Paratum
Bernhard J. Smid
Gilson Reis

This is the Nature Invest team, on the move to make the world better and bring your project to reality. Even with Maya's help.

Meet Our Team
I love walking in the Pirineus State Park.
Conselho Consultivo /Fiscal
Bernadete Lange
Fiscal/Consulting Council
Investing in sustainability is investing in quality of life
Ulisses Lacava Bigaton
Fernando Caminati
Fiscal/Consulting Council
Laura de Santis Prada
Fiscal/Consulting Council
Consulting Council
Gabriela Gazola
Breitner Tavares
Consulting Council
Fiscal Council
Take care of the land, it is the only consumer good that is no longer manufactured.
Laercio de Souza
Consulting Council
Marlucia Bonifácio Martins
Michele Rocha
Fiscal Council
Collaborate to build a better world.
Pedro Miguel da Costa
Consulting Council
Not everything you face can be changed. But nothing can be changed until you face it.
Wivian Weller
Fiscal Council
Ivonice Campos
Consulting Council

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